Vendor and Artist Ticket’s

Pricing and Availability Vendors’ spaces in the Dealers’ Room are sold for $100 per 6ft ARTIST Table, $200 per standard VENDOR booth, $250 for standard corner or premium VENDOR booth. This price is not negotiable for vendors. Vendors are asked not to encroach upon their neighbor’s space unless they are given permission. Vendors that do not arrive before Opening of the room Friday or do not give prior notice will forfeit their space. No-show spaces will be sold to available wait list patrons or other Dealers’ Room participants at the convention at a reduced cost (cash only). All Dealer payments must be made on or before May 25th, 2018, or the dealer will forfeit their space. After the initial spaces are filled, R.C.P.C. Fest will keep a waiting list of other interested vendors, to be filled either on May 26th or the day of the convention.


Thursday: Noon-8pm
Friday: 8am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-10am
Sunday: 8am-10am

TEAR DOWN will start Sunday at 5pm. We ask that you do not begin tear down early.

Please direct any questions to
See you soon!

Purchase Tables: 


6 x 8 (1 6ft table.. 2 chairs.. 2 badges) $100.. Early Bird $50 (if paid before Feb. 1, 2018).. Limited quantity available
8 x 8 (1 6ft table.. 2 chairs.. 2 badges) $125.. Early Bird $75 (if paid before Feb. 1, 2018)… Limited quantity available
8 x 10 (1 6ft table.. 2 chairs.. 2 badges) $150.. Early Bird $100 (if paid before Feb. 1, 2018)
10 x 10 (1 6ft table.. 2 chairs.. 2 badges) $200.. Early Bird $150 (if paid before Feb. 1, 2018)
6ft table space for groups and clubs only located in concourse outside show floor $50. (6ft table… 2 chairs… 2 badges)
Additional badges are available for pre-purchase at $5/badge for vendors only… ($10 at the door days of show)