Dan Gorman is a trained Medical Illustrator with his BFA in Medical Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art. (1999)  Dan began working as a Sketch Card Artist in 2010 and has since worked on over 120 Licensed Trading Card sets featuring properties that include but are not limited to Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Alien, The Lord of the Rings, and AMC’s The Walking Dead.  In 2012, Dan began penciling stories for AC Comics’ FemForce title and continues to do so. That same year, Dan signed on to pencil the first issue of “Mac & Trouble”, a story about 2 cats who fall through a wormhole in their litter box. In 2013 Dan’s work premiered in the first issue of an independent comic called “Only Human”, Dan is the co-creator and artist on the parody series “The Waddling Dead”.  Dan’s work can also be seen in 2 issues of the “Grindhouse” Mini Series published by Dark Horse Comics.  In 2015, Dan launched his first, free, weekly web comic called “The Atomic Blonde”.  Each week’s installment is an homage  to the Golden Age of comics with a Retro Sci-Fi flare.  The webcomic caught the eye of AC Comics and the Atomic Blonde is now a recurring character in the pages of FemForce.  In 2015 Dan launched a weekly Internet Radio show about Comics and Pop Culture called “The Altered Realm” which he co-hosts on krmaradio.com every Saturday Night from 8pm-Midnight.   In 2016 Dan launched another web comic called “The Akron Knight” which appears in “The Akron Devil Strip Magazine” as well as online at AkronKnightComic.com and has been optioned by Empire Comics Lab to run as one of their featured webcomics.  Dan is a regular contributor to Empire Comics Lab’s flag ship title, “Cemetery Plots” starting with issue #2.  Dan also contributes artwork to another comic strip appearing in “The Akron Devil’s Strip Magazine” called “The Altered Realm.”   Having spent 10 plus years exhibiting in Artist Alley’s around the country, Dan has teamed up with on air co-host, J. Alan Miller, and local Artist Robert Kraus to launch what he hopes will be Akron’s Premiere, Annual Pop-Culture Celebration, “Rubber City Pop Culture Fest.”  You can see more of Dan’s work at dangormanart.com and be sure to follow him @GDanArtist on Twitter!

Jason Miller
Jason Miller, who goes by Jay, is a shopkeeper by day and comic book marketer and supporter by night… or weekend. He also dabbles in illustration, drawing superhero stick figures known in the comic world as Super Stix.

Miller owns Stuff Genie Emporium in Barberton, a wonderland of comic books and related paraphernalia. He is also a cohost and cofounder of The Altered Realm Radio Show with Daniel Gorman. When he’s not at the shop or the radio station, he helps market his and Dan’s talent whether it be at a ComicCon or other related convention. He calls himself a “think tank end-user,” meaning Gorman bounce ideas off him and he responds with how he thinks a customer would react to something new.

Miller’s love of comic books goes back to when he bought his first comic book, “Great Grape Ape” at 6 years old. In college, he bought and collected several copies of comic books and eventually had enough inventory to open his own store in Green in 1994. When the comic book industry took a dive in 1999, Miller closed up his shop but reopened as Stuff Genie three years ago, still selling the same inventory.

“I’ve always loved reading comic books. I love getting lost in them,” Miller said. “They stay relevant because people can pick one up, read it and in 10 minutes you’re done. In this day and age where things are quick, it’s still quick enough in a paper form and it doesn’t have to be digital.”

In 2017, Miller plans to continue drawing Super Stix since they sell in his shop and at any convention where they’re on display. He also plans to stick with Altered Realm Radio and continue his marketing efforts in getting he and his friends out there.

Follow Jason on Twitter at @StuffGenie.

RAK Graphics was founded in the early 1980s by RAK, (Robert A. Kraus).
The following is a brief break down of my skills and things that I do:
  • professional artist 30+ years
  • created CHAKAN the FOREVER MAN Video Game & GRAPHIC NOVELLA series
  • designed DRAGON WARr, COIN CREATURES & other game systems
  • artist of the “EVERYMAN” visual poetry series
  • grandmaster of the “WAY of the WINGED LION” kung fu style
  • star of many instructional dvds, seminars, & guest apperances
  • SUPERFREEK super-hero spoof series
  • 2010 & beyond – bringing several multi-media & film projects to fans all around the world

Chuck Bonakoski QA Supervisor by day, crowing commando by night. Chuck fell into the world of geek culture when his mom handed him his first comic (Amazing Spider-Man #412) and sat him in front of the tv to watch the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Since then his interests have grown to include board gaming, theatre, and launching/(attempting to) run a comic blog. In between these hobbies Chuck can be found working with local non profits such as Stark County Hunger Task force and the Canal Fulton Players. Look for Chuck on the streets, stage and in the aisles of hobby shops doing what he does best talking to fellow pop culture lovers of every fandom, and spreading the word about what is sure to be the hottest new con on the block Rubber City Pop Culture Fest!